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Position By Consultant


외국계 재무기획관리 과/차장급 채용

· 포지션
회사소개외국계 소비재/식음료회사

직급/직책  finance planning&strategic controller
담당업무 business performance  management 업무
 Co-leading monthly closing process with accounting team, and prepare the business performance reporting.  Monitor and develop insight on the quantitative and qualitative performance, and communicate this insight through the preparation and delivery of streamlined reporting including commentary.  Coordinate with other departments and provide guidance to submit management reporting in time with accuracy.  Monitor actual cost development vs Budget/LE and provide early warnings on deviations.  Conduct comprehensive financial analysis on revenue/COGS/ functional expenses and finance template development for cross-functional communication  Ensure timely financial reporting and validate the variance beyond threshold  Identify and communicate commercial and financial risks and opportunities from business propositions. Execute risk review procedures and processes in line with global policies and standards to minimize commercial and financial risks and exposure 

finance planning , budgeting and forecasting 업무

 Support Strategic BC on the business planning cycle for the 3-year Strategic Action Plan, Annual Operational Plan and Latest Estimates.  Develop and integrates budgets for multiple functional area, and analyzes budgets for patterns and drivers of error.  Ensure finance involvement in the S&OP process to secure a cross-functional Sales & Marketing perspective and alignment with the various Latest Estimates.  Forecasting Tool Transformation & Continuous Improvement a. Actively Participate & lead in implement of Forecasting tool (End to End)  Commercial Spending Productivity a. Incorporate brand / nature ATL & BTL / OH b. Ensure effectiveness in operational spending and monitor spending by nature c. Governance & Monitoring & Analysis d. Responsible for setting up and CSP council meeting with stakeholders 

Revenue Management

Business partnering and decision support
Support decision making process in the Sales and Marketing Functions by a. developing business cases b. creating revenue, cost, margin, and profit pool analyses c. leading analyses to provide the financial impact of Sales and Marketing decisions d. preparing brand and channel profitability analysis  Support Strategic Business Controller for ad-hoc analysis to gain insight relevant
근무지 서울
처우조건 채용시협의

· 자격요건
학력 대졸이상
경력   University degree, Major in Business Administration or Accounting
 Fluent in verbal and written English
 Advanced skills in Microsoft (Excel, PowerPoint, Word)
 Working experience in Finance and Accounting at multinational companies more than 5years (at least, 2~3 years of planning experience is required.)
 finance  팀 경력  6-10년 정도
 Good knowledge of SAP is preferred
 AICPA is preferred

Good financial analysis skill (P/L, B/S, working capital and cash flow)
 Korean & English presentation and communication skills with the ability to deal with a wide variety of individuals; junior/senior; internal/external; local/global
 Demonstrates proficiency with Microsoft Office (Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Word).
 Proactive and result oriented
  Identifies key data sources and utilizes data-driven insights about important departmental metrics to improve business decisions.
 Proficient in analyzing qualitative data, has strong analytical, quantitative, and statistical skills.
 Builds relationships and works well across functions.
 Clarifies the origin of insights contained in reporting and analysis
 Demonstrates proficiency with Microsoft Office (Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Word).
 Positive attitude under pressure
 Experienced one from other FMCGs is preferred 

ㅇ Commercial 부서 (영업마케팅대상 Business Performance / Actual Spending 분석 및 다양한 Business Case에 있어 Decision Making 용이하도록 여러 분석 tool을 통해 insight 제공

 Direct Report Strategic Business Controller를 도와 Annual planning support  Commercial 부서 대상 figure forecasting tool develop

ㅇ 유관 부서와 원활한 communication 등을 위하여 proactive 한 성향 및 data-driven insight를 이끌어내시는 분 선호함 

· 접수방법
마감일 마감
전형절차 서류전형/면접
제출서류 국문 또는 영문이력서(구체적인 경력기술 포함)
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