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Position By Consultant


외국계법인 LAB실 Applications Engineer(대리과장급)

· 포지션
회사소개 외국계법인
직급/직책 대리 과장급

-Develop applications in the lab to have a better understanding of laser/materials interaction and machine use

-Take Applications developed and assist customers to replicate/implementing process.

-Train customers on “best practice” in integrating Coherent lasers

-Initial service support for newly released lasers (as needed).

-Be responsible for tracking, getting detailed information, and providing feedback of customer applications being performed at laboratory locations worldwide.

-Resource to troubleshoot customer’s issues on a project basis

-Gather field intelligence on markets, applications and competition


-Successful ution of these tasks will require the engineer to demonstrate technical expertise through material processing trials, preparation of sales presentations, product demos, and by providing assistance with the installation and maintenance of companyproducts.

-The engineer will also be expected to consult with the Sales staff in assessing potential applications of company products for specific customer inquiries along with preparing detailed product specifications for the development and implementation of customer applications/solutions which may include visiting the customer with sales to present applications of lasers.

-The position may also involve short-term development projects based on customer requirements to establish the feasibility of novel laser applications.

-Familiarity with motion control equipment (particularly motorized positioning stages and galvo-based scan heads) and laser beam delivery systems would be particularly relevant.

-The engineer is expected to provide follow-up support to company sales staff and customer personnel by confirming that the product application/solution is functioning according to specifications and by disseminating technical information on specific applications.

-In addition, the engineer will ensure that Applications Lab equipment is fully operational and calibrated (if needed), keeping the lab presentable to customers and visitors at a level expected of a world leading laser company.

-Feedback experiences to factory and worldwide applications organization.

출퇴근시 운전 필수(차량보조금/유류비 수당 있슴)
처우조건 채용시협의

· 자격요건
학력 이공계 석사  우대. 학사가능

- 학사degree in engineering, physics, chemistry etc.

- 5-10years working experience

- Fluent in English(영어로 본사와 업무 가능자)

연령  해당연령대
 국영문 이력서 제출 필수/ 

· 접수방법
마감일 마감
전형절차 서류전형/면접
제출서류 국문 또는 영문이력서(구체적인 경력기술 포함)
접수방법 온라인입사지원
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