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안경옥 대표컨설턴트
TEL : 02-553-7360
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Position By Consultant


외국계 국내법인 반도체업종엔지니어 신입 채용

· 포지션
미국계 법인 한국지사
담당업무  The successful candidate will be responsible for performing the on-site installation, training, and servicing of leading edge laser product. This role will play an important role in serving as a company liaison with the customer on technical and administrative levels. In addition, this position will work closely with the Product Support Team as well as the R&D Team.


The Field Service Engineer will:

-       Play a critical role in leading delivery of the service needs of our customers within the Korean service team

-       Perform the onsite installation, training, preventative maintenance, upgrade and repair of our complex laser and optical systems

-       Diagnose and trouble shoot customer issues through statistical analysis and evaluation of laser system reliability

-       Will test, tune, and adjust equipment to obtain optimum operating performance

-       Advise management regarding customer satisfaction, product performance, and suggestions for product improvements

-       Support sales activities by collecting and forwarding relevant information

-       Report spare part requirements

-       Serve as company liaison with customers on administrative and technical matters for assigned projects

-       Provide technical support via telephone/email and serve as a communication link with the internal factory staff

근무지 서울 
처우조건 채용시협의

· 자격요건
학력 대졸이상
경력  신입- 경력 3년이내
레이져관련학과, 전자공학과, 물리학과 등의 전공 학위자
유관전공 석사 학위 신입 우대/   유관학과 학사 대졸 지원 가능
영어 중급이상(토익 750점이상)

· 접수방법
마감일 마감
전형절차 서류전형/면접
제출서류 국문 또는 영문이력서(구체적인 경력기술 포함)
접수방법 온라인입사지원
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